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      1. Shijiazhuang Kingda Pump Industry Group Co., Ltd 

         AboutAbout us

        Shijiazhuang Kingda Pump Group Co., Ltd. is a private Enterprise company reorganized from Shijiazhuang Pump factory. In 1964, Shijiazhuang pump factory was placed under the Ministry of First National Machinery Industry.In 1972, Shijiazhuang pump factory changed its name to Hebei Shijiazhuang pump factory.In 2006, it restructured into Shijiazhuang Kingda Pump Group Co., Ltd. In 2016, the Group reorganized and integrated the equity, organization, personnel and assets ……

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        Tel: 0311-85426661 / 6662

        Ministry of domestic trade: 0311-85426655

        Ministry of foreign trade: 0311-85426677

        After sales service Tel: 0311-85426671 / 6667

        Fax: 428511

        HR department Tel: 0311-85426610

        Email: Email: sales@cnkingda.com

        Address: South of Limin street, Xingtang Economic Development Zone to north of jingzan line

        Postal Code: 050000

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          Product overviewThe product is a cantilever and centrifugal pump. Single pump c...
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          AH slurry pump

          ? AHseries Slurry Pump ? Discharge Diameter: 25~450mm;? Flow Capaci...
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          VXL vertical mixed f

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          KQZ series chemical

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          WQ submersible sewag

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        • KQZ series chemical forced circulation pump

          KQZ series chemical

          Product overviewKQZ series chemical forced circulation pump is a new generatio...
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