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      1. Shijiazhuang Kingda Pump Industry Group Co., Ltd 


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        R&D center

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        Kingda owns the unique slurry  Pump Institute open to the whole pump industry; it is also called Research Center (Provincal). Research Center consists of slurry pump design department, clear water 

        pump design department, motor & electric control design department, material research department, physics and chemistry lab, material strength test lab, standards department, information department, measuring department. Kingda has many famous professor-level engineers in pump industry, among them, 50 people own the senior and middle title.

        Institute and Research Center have complete scientific design methods, and set up the modern test platform for engineers to make tests, including automatic clear water performance test station, slurry performance test station, fast test station for service life, flow meter calibration equipment, rotary abrasion tester, metal material wear tester, which are special in impurity pump design theory, pump performance, abrasion mechanism, wear-resistant material, new product development, new process, etc. Kingda undertakes the major scientific and innovative projects for Nation, Province and City. Research Center has draw up the complete innovative mechanism and talent encouragement policy to make the young people to stand out to make the contribution for the blooming of the pump industry in China.

        Research Center is the first to adopt the Computer Assistant Technology in domestic pump industry, share the information by the computer network, build the complete CAD Hardware and Software Platform, apply the international most advance CFD technology to develop the products, realize the 3-D model, surface design, assembly interference checking and finite element analysis, electronize the drawing and relevant material. Kingda has been the first one in pump industry to be identified by SETC State 863

        SB-CIMS Application Demonstration Project.

        Research Center has been built to be the modern scientific research institute with strong ability to undertake the design and development, major projects and application test. For many years, Kingda has completed dozens of national and provincial scientific task, developed more than 300 new products to make Kingda remain invincible in the sharp market competition.






        Our Fluid Dynamic Technology company, use R&D center as the design base, has been dedicated to the design and research of fluid and fluid equipment for many years.

        In the field of fluid research, our company uses advanced finite element analysis technology, the use of FLUENT, CFX and other software for fluid model simulation analysis, can do the analysis for pump, water turbine, mixer, fan and other fluid model design and optimization. We can do special design of fluid equipment model for users and transformation of operation equipment. So we can improve operation efficiency and reduce operation cost.




        In the field of mechanical equipment research. Our company can use three-dimensional CAD modeling software for solid modeling, assembly inspection, operation simulation. The key components can be analyzed by finite element analysis software, such as Ansys Workbench and so on, to ensure the safety and reliability of key components. For the shafting with rotating rotor, the multi order critical speed and transient vibration frequency of the shafting are calculated by modal analysis method to ensure the stable operation of rotor


        Motion simulation video

        The cutter suction dredger video

        In the field of mechatronics research, our company has strong, weak, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical, mechanism, automation and other professional senior engineer more than 40 people. The successful development of diaphragm pump control system, hydraulic reamer system, lubricating system, high pressure seal water system etc.. Can undertake all kinds of system design projects



        In the field of materials research, our company has more than 20 professional materials researchers, has independent materials laboratory and test equipment. In the development of metal materials, a series of more than ten kinds of wear-resistant white cast iron have been successfully developed, and CAE software can be used for casting simulation analysis to optimize the casting process of parts and improve casting efficiency and casting quality. In the field of non-metallic materials, our company has rubber research and production workshops, rubber products and polyurethane materials can be developed and produced. It can undertake the research and production of material substitution of special parts.

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