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        Characteristics of chemical centrifugal pumps

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        Characteristics of chemical centrifugal pumps

        Date:2017-10-25 Author:石家庄强大泵业集团有限责任公司 Click:



        The chemical centrifugal pump has the following characteristics compared with the other centrifugal pumps.

        1. be able to meet the needs of chemical process

        Water pumps not only transport liquid materials and provide necessary pressure for process requirements, but also ensure the amount of material transported. In a certain chemical unit operation, the pump's flow and head must be stabilized to keep the pump running efficiently and reliably.

        2. Corrosion resistance

        The medium of chemical pump, including raw material and reaction intermediate, is often more corrosive medium. This requires the appropriate and reasonable selection of the material of the pump to ensure the safety and stability of the pump, and the fate of the long life.

        3. High temperature and low temperature resistance

        The high temperature medium of the chemical pump has the flow of liquid material, and it also has the hot liquid needed and produced in the reaction process. For example: condensate pump, boiler feed water pump, heat transfer oil pump. There are many kinds of low temperature medium for the chemical pump, such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, methane, and so on. The low temperature working temperature of the pump is mostly at one 20~ and 10 degrees C. No matter how high temperature or low temperature chemical pumps are transported, the material and structure must be appropriate and must have enough strength. The parts of the pump designed and manufactured can be impacted by heat shock, thermal expansion, low temperature cold deformation, cold brittleness and so on.

        4. Wear resistance, Scour resistance

        Due to the presence of suspended solid particles chemical pump delivery of logistics, while the pump impeller chamber and some work under high pressure high flow rate, pump parts surface protection layer is damaged, the service life is short, so we must improve the chemical pump wear resistance, resistance to erosion, which requires the selection of materials pump wear-resistant steel ceramics, cast iron, etc., use erosion resistant titanium, manganese, etc..




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