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        KQZ series chemical forced circulation pump

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        KQZ series chemical forced circulation pump

        • Type:Water pump

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        • Date:2017/12/05
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        Product overview

        KQZ series chemical forced circulation pump is a new generation product developed by our company, which is based on the advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad. It is designed and developed by modern software and CFD software. Its structure is reasonable, its performance is superior and its reliability is high. KQZ series axial flow pump has the characteristics of low middle head and large flow and so on. It is widely used in chemical forced circulation, process technology transportation and so on.

        Product advantages

        A wide range of performance, optimize the design of the pump body and an impeller using CFD and TURBO software of advanced international system, not only improve efficiency and reduce costs, but also provide the appropriate to meet user needs any flow and lift the working point of the pump, to achieve the effect of tailored.

        Efficient utilization of our company's proprietary design software combined with advanced hydraulic models at home and abroad to optimize impeller and pump body design, greatly reducing hydraulic loss and improving efficiency. The efficiency of the design point is 5~8 percentage points higher than that of the common axial flow pump in China, and the efficiency of energy saving is remarkable.

        application area

        The product is widely used in the alumina evaporation workshop, the forced circulation of caustic soda, and the compulsory cycle of the phosphate fertilizer chemical industry. The material of the pump can be made of wear-resistant alloy, stainless steel, dual phase steel and super duplex rust and other materials, which can meet the requirements of various media, such as all kinds of alkali, seawater and sewage transportation.

        Structural characteristics

        ? three-dimensional modeling, reasonable structure, high degree of generalization.

        ? KQZ series horizontal axial flow pump has the characteristics of low flow and low lift. The product has a wide range of performance and high efficiency. It can be used in different materials according to different media.

        Model description

        Different transport media, different materials, in addition to the standard material, the series pumps use various materials suitable for different media, and the best material can be selected according to the specific application of industrial and mining. Grey iron, ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel, dual phase steel, cast iron, copper Ni and A13 abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, anti crystalline material.

        Kingda advantage

        The company has strong production capacity and many achievements. It covers all fields. The quality of the products is stable and the technology is mature. It is widely praised by the customers at home and abroad.



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