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        SP sump pump

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        SP sump pump

        • Type:Pumps used in mining industry

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        • Date:2017/11/28
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        Product overview

        The series pump is vertical centrifugal slurry pump, immersed in liquid, suitable for conveying abrasive, coarse particles, high concentration slag slurry. It doesn't need any shaft seal and shaft seal water, and it can work normally under the condition of insufficient suction.

        Product advantages

        Long life of L vulnerable parts

        Has high efficiency and low energy consumption

        Easy to maintain

        Running cost is low

        Has high reliability

        Application area

        It is mainly used in dredger, dredging river channel, mining and metal smelting, blasting slag transportation, etc..

        Structure characteristics

         Uses a single pump casing structure, the flow passage is spacious, lined with hard alloy has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high reliability.

        Bearing assembly is designed with high capacity bearings. Grease and oil lubrication are adopted for bearings to adapt to different working conditions.

        Can adjust the clearance between the impeller and the guard plate to ensure the efficient operation of the pump.

        Shaft seal adopts packing seal, impeller sealing and container type mechanical seal, which adapts to different working conditions.

        Pump can choose direct drive, triangle belt drive, hydraulic coupling drive, reducer drive.

        The outlet direction of the pump can be rotated at any angle so as to meet the different installation conditions.

        Model specification

        Size r: 100-800mm

        Capacity : 80-10000m3/h

        Head: 5-90m

        Kingda advantage

        Kingda Pump established in1949, is the largest slurry factory in China. Has been producing slurry pump nearly 70 years. Kingda has its own R&D center and the unique Slurry Pump Institute in China opened to all kinds of industries, has CFD, CAE and other advanced design methods.



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